Should a website be revamp?

There are tones of pages on the Net about how should be a website done so search engines to be able to get fast relevant content.

Everybody receive many emails and newsletters about what must be done or what should not be done into a website to have a good visibility in Search Engines (SEO).

One image tells more than 1,000 words. I’ve  chosen  two images. Both are 3D representation of two websites, one is the last entry in the WOD (website on demand)  portfolio and the second is  from a website taken randomly from the net (an old website – built 2007-2008).

Just imagine that a “robot”, that pickup data to index any of these two websites, is coming into website on the basic (ground) level and it has to “climb” to the “surface” where data is stored. Usually any robot (SEO) try to get something in microseconds.

Have a closer look to these two images and you will know for sure from which website a robot will “take”  more relevant data.

Because on both websites keywords, title and descriptions (meta data) are on the ground level the difference will be given by relevant content.

Furthermore, metadata is always the same but the content is dynamic (as long as the website is updated). Google loves to see that something is happening into a website so it is obvious that a static content website will go slow but sure down.

There are many factors and you may get bored so let’s keep it simple.

More pages an website has in Google index means  there are more chances that website to get a better position in Google listing.


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